How To Organize Donation Drive For Those Affected By The Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic affected several people on the planet. The virus didn’t matter if you’re rich, sick, young, old, healthy, or sick. Many people are now facing financial dilemmasas this disease brought the world to its knees. 

But, this pandemic is also the time for human beings to band together and help one another. You can start doing your part by organizing a donation drive. Continue reading to know some tips to help you spearhead that humanitarian project.  

Form a Planning Committee  

Donation drives can require plenty of preparation. Planning for the project can consume significant amounts of time and energy. Moreover, you might not have the valuable resources needed to strategize ideas for the drive. 

Remember, you’re not alone in this world who wants to help your fellow man, woman, and child. Don’t be afraid to reach out to others who are willing to take part in this endeavor. Contact friends, relatives, or workmates that can lend helping hands, so all the responsibilities don’t fall on one person. 

Also, designate a committee leader, so planners and participants can reach out to someone for questions and concerns. The chief of the operation may also spearhead ideas that can help the operation run smoothly.

For example, you might be the appointed leader of the group. Now, you have to think of an easy way to pick up donation materials from several donors. If you’re busy with other essential matters for the project, you can hire services available online 

The donation pickup services assure that all items get delivered to the project site on time. Furthermore, you and the rest of the planning committee can move forward with other plans for the donation drive, such as advertising and marketing. 

Search and Contact an Organization 

In this crisis, many people will stop at nothing to get food and financial support from a donation drive. You might meet some shady folks who’ll say that they’re in dire need of help while other individuals need more support. 

You can alleviate this concern by searching and contacting charitable organizations that might need donations. Search the Internet for local charity associations with affiliated agencies or drop-off points. These establishments should already know which group of people to prioritize for the donations.  

Note that you still need to act when contacting these charitable organizations professionally. Thus, don’t forget to send a list of items you’re trying to donate. If the list is incomplete, you can state a description of those objects.  

Providing a detailed description of the donations allows organizations to know the items beforehand. In doing so, it allows the organizations’ planning committees to check which group of people need certain items the most. Moreover, allowing these associations to handle the task of giving the donations reduces the chance some folks to feel entitled and take the items for themselves.

Stay Confident 

Confidence is a powerful tool that can get you additional donations for your drive and make your event successful. But, what if you think that you don’t have enough confidence to ask for donations? You can fake it until you make it.  

Remember, being confident isn’t a talent but a skill that you can develop over time. But, nothing will change if you don’t take that first step.  

If you find anxiety or fear holding you back from asking donations, all you have to do is take one step. Taking a single step forward will help your mind tell you that you can accomplish many things in life, including asking for donations.  

You can start building that confidence to ask at home. Keep in mind that charity begins at home; other household members who want to share the love won’t mind giving some of their belongings to those who need them more.  

Also, remember that it’s not harmful to ask. The worst you can get is a ‘No.’ But during this crisis, many individuals and business entities would love to donate. As long as your message receivers know that you genuinely want to help your fellow humans, you might have a high chance of receiving several donations by asking.


Always keep in mind that donation drives need careful planning regardless if you’re donating food, clothes, or money. You can also find a charitable organization to help you in the distribution of goods. Last, develop and maintain confidence, and you can get more donations from other people who wish to spread the goodwill of humankind to the world.