Essential Ingredients You Need When Preparing Italian Cuisine

When preparing Italian cuisine, there are some essential ingredients that you should know and have in your kitchen. If you want to cook meals that taste like authentic Italian cuisine from an Italian restaurant, then using the right ingredients is a must.

Here are the top 3 ingredients you shouldn’t forget when cooking an Italian dish:

1. Olive Oil

The importance of using olive oil when cooking Italian cuisine is that it’s incredibly versatile and can easily be used to cook in most recipes. You can use it to make sauces, dressings, and pieces of bread.

Also, olive oil has monounsaturated fats, good cholesterol, and omega fatty acids. It’s naturally good for your body, so if you’re suffering from bad cholesterol or want to have a healthier heart, this type of cooking medium is for you to help keep your blood vessels healthy.

Another great thing about it is it’s not affected by heat to use it on top of other ingredients in cooking.

2. Pasta

One of the essential elements in any Italian cuisine is pasta in making any dish. Like olive oil, pasta is one of the most versatile dishes; that’s why it’s often served as a side dish.

To give the dish its main ingredient (the pasta) the best texture possible, you have to remember that the pasta should be cooked at low temperature. Cooking at high heat will make the pasta dry out and taste bitter.

Since pasta has starch in it, the starch tends to sink in the meat if you cook the pasta for too long. If you’re planning to serve a pasta dish with meat, you must avoid overcooking it. Or you can avoid this by waiting until you’re about to do the pasta before adding the meat.

Another reason why pasta is always on any Italian cuisine is that you can easily prepare pasta. Just a bit of stirring and adding some vegetables or meat, you’ll have it cooked in no time at all. And once cooked, you don’t even need to add any salt or sugar. The starch is present in the meat already, so it’s just a matter of seasoning it. 

3. Wine

One thing you can expect when using wine as part of Italian cuisine is that they provide some excellent health benefits to the people who consume them. The wine offers a lot of antioxidants that help to fight free radicals in your body. That’s why many people are using these types of products in their diets. The antioxidants in wine help protect the cells that surround the internal organs from damage brought about by the free radicals in the environment they’re in.

Aside from wine having its health benefits, there are other reasons why Italian cuisine has wine.

With wine, Italian cuisine has a better-tasting meal. But it would help if you used high-quality wines to get the best taste possible. You must also remember that different types of wine have different flavors that can add more flavor to specific dishes. For example, Cabernet Sauvignon’s taste will not mesh well with foods like seafood, so it’s also vital to get familiar with wines that can complement the dish you want to cook.


Cooking Italian dish is fun as it gives you pleasure and satisfaction and the ones who’ll eat your dishes. Achieve this by using the essential ingredients that Italians use for their recipes. Such are olive oil, pasta, and wine. With these ingredients, you can let that Italian vibe be in your dishes.