7 Types Of Unique Drinking Mugs That Are A Must Try 

There’s no problem in drinking out of regular mugs. If what you’re drinking is a beverage that you love, sometimes the vessel you drink it from won’t matter as long as you enjoy its contents. But what is life without adding a bit of fun even in the ordinary things we do, such as drinking? Why not try some unique drinking mugs, such as the ones below: 

1. Mead Horn 

Before there were wooden, ceramic, or glass mugs, there were horns. Mead drinking horns have been around for thousands of years. Ancient people believed that gods like Dionysus used drinking horns. You can see variations of a mead horn in paintings and depictions of gods and goddesses. 

If you’re a fan of Vikings, you’ll love mead horns. The Norse seafarers sailed across seas to trade, but also to raid. It’s perfect for parties with a Nordic theme because it makes the experience as authentic as possible. You can even customize a mead horn for each guest so they can take it home after. Or enjoy your wine using mead horns.

2. Smart Mug 

Drinking horns are great for those who like historical appreciation, but if you’re more interested in modern items, smart mugs are for you. Since a lot of things people use today involve technology, it’s no surprise that mugs are now also high-tech. 

Smart mugs can maintain the temperature of your beverage. Thermoses can only keep your drink warm or cold for a short period before they return to room temperature again. Smart mugs can maintain the temperature for a longer period, plus you can also control how hot or cold you want your beverage to be. Some smart mugs can also remind you to drink to help you stay hydrated throughout the day. 

3. Mugs With Cookie Alcoves 

During cold winter months, you’d want to cozy up on your bed and stay warm. It’s those days when you want to drink something warm, perhaps some hot chocolate with cookies. But if you’ll be staying in bed with fluffy blankets around you, you might not be able to hold your drink and cookies with both hands. 

Mugs with cookie alcoves make drinking and eating convenient because you only have to hold it in one hand while you’re using the other to munch on a cookie from your stack. Most of the cookie spaces are at the bottom of the mug, so the drink goes on top, and the cookies are below it. 

4. Double-Walled Mugs 

Double-walled mugs aren’t just unique-looking; they’re also functional. If you can’t hold handleless mugs because it’s too hot or too cold, double-walled mugs are the solution. The drink goes inside the inner walls while there’s another layer separating the liquid from the outside wall. You might still be able to feel the temperature, but not as intense as before. 

5. Strainer Mug 

The strainer mug is perfect for those who like brewed drinks such as tea or coffee. If you’d like to brew them yourself, the strainer mug is more convenient than using a coffee maker or boiling the leaves in a pot over the stove. 

The mug has a strainer that fits inside its opening. You fill it with hot water and then put the tea leaves or coffee beans in the strainer and then wait for them to brew. Then, you can lift the strainer, and you can drink it without the bits. 

6. Color Changing Mug

Color changing mugs are fun to have, especially when you want to give someone a special message. Those mugs change color because of thermochromism, which makes substances change color as a reaction to different temperatures. It’s works the same way a mood ring does. 

Color changing mugs that have inspirational quotes can help give you a boost in the mornings. Aside from the coffee, when the message reveals itself, it adds to the motivation to go on about your day. If you won multiple ones with different quotes, it’d be fun to guess which you’ll be getting on a particular day. 

7. Sports Mug 

There are mugs that you can use to play around. Sports mugs such as those that have a built-in basketball hoop are perfect for dunking marshmallows on your hot chocolate. Consider it a victory every time you make a basket. There’s also one where there’s a hole at the bottom where a gold ball can pass through. 

Final Thoughts 

Drinking may be one of the most laid-back activities that you can do. You do it every day, and there’s not much excitement in it. But if you want it to become more than just your usual daily habit, drinking out of unique and whimsical cups can make you enjoy hydrating yourself.