6 Ideas For Throwing A Successful House Party 

Throwing a house party is a perfect way to connect with your peers and form new bonds with other people. Throw an epic one, and people will surely remember you for organizing a fun and memorable night. However, putting together a decent party can be a difficult task. You need to pick the right food, music, activities, etc. 

If you want your house party to be a success, here are some ideas for you: 

1. Pick Your Guests 

Parties are a social gathering, and people attend because they want to let loose and have a fun and exciting night. Obviously, your friends are automatically on the guest list but don’t just invite people who already know each other. Most people there want to meet new friends and possibly, new boyfriends or girlfriends. 

On your guest list, you should include your best friends as well as your friends from work. You can also invite your past roommates or even some person you met at a concert. Don’t invite too many random strangers. Your best bet is to ask friends and friends of friends. 

Don’t forget to introduce people to each other. Help your friend get to know that cute girl from your office. Have them ask each other questions, and maybe one day they’ll thank you for playing matchmaker for them. 

2. Have A Theme 

Themed parties are always fun, and not just on Halloween. There’s something exciting about picking what to wear and then actually wearing it to a social gathering. It’s an excellent time for people to get creative and have a little break especially after tiring days at work or school.

You can have a hat party or a favorite movie villain dress up party. You can go for simple themes or go all out crazy. You can even have an Italian theme so you can show off your Italian cuisine by cooking Italian recipes. It’s your choice since you’re the host but make sure that it’s something you know people will enjoy. Costumes are also great conversation starters so at least your guests have something to break the ice. 

3. Make A Playlist 

No party is complete without music. Your guests will get bored if they come to your place and the only thing they’re going to do there is talk to each other and eat snacks. You are the official DJ to your party so you have to make a cool playlist that everyone will enjoy. 

Create a playlist at least a day before the party. A few playlist selections you can do includes: 

  • Select catchy pop tunes, so everyone knows the jam. 
  • Pick old songs from your younger days for a nostalgic feel and everyone can relive great memories from the past. 
  • Organize the list to be bopping tunes at first – perfect for chitchat. Next high-energy music for great dancing, and then, relaxed tunes to get people to calm down and it also signals that the party is almost over. 

4. Choose Your Snacks 

Most house parties stick to serving snacks unless it’s a formal one then you need to feed your guests with real meals. But for “fun” parties, snacks and booze are what’s on the table. Consider your guest list when picking out the snacks. Put out some chips and dip because everyone will love that, but see if you can also lay out some other options for your vegan guests or those with allergies. 

For the drinks, you need to have alcohol, soda, and juice, but make sure you have plenty of water too. A keg is optional but totally acceptable. Lay out some sweet stuff also like cotton candy and some chocolate. 

5. Tell People Different Start Times 

Not everyone is punctual. There’ll always be people who come on time, and those who arrive late. If you don’t want your party to last longer than you planned, lie about the start time. 

For those who come on time tell them your party is at 10 pm and for those who are always late, tell them it’s at 7 or 8 pm. Hopefully, most of your guests show up on time, so you don’t have to deal with making the late ones leave after they’ve only been there for 30 minutes.

6. Enjoy Yourself But Stay Sober 

As the host, you’re responsible for everything before, during, and after the party. You need to prepare everything, make sure that things run smoothly, make sure the food and drinks don’t run out, and then clean up after. 

You’ll need to make sure everyone is having fun, but don’t forget to have a good time yourself. Drink a few beers but don’t get too drunk. Stay sober because you need to be aware of what’s happening to make sure that people are having a great time but not getting into trouble. You also want to be able to remember how awesome your party was. 

Final Thoughts 

Throwing a successful house party entails lots of preparation. You can’t just simply call your friends, get food and drinks, turn on the stereo, and party hard all night. You need to step up and have everything under your control. Try the ideas above and hopefully, the next time you have a party, people are eager to come.